what is heliculture?

Heliciculture is the raising of snails for culinary use. Heliciculture U.S. is a trade association created to promote professional, responsible heliciculture in the United States.

Escargots, the French term for snails, have been raised by humans for thousands of years. While exotic to American tables, snails have been a staple food consumed by humans throughout many areas of the world. Today they are farmed primarily in Europe, Africa, and Indonesia, with a fledgling industry in Australia. Additional products, including the mucin or slime, used for cosmetic and possible beneficial dermatological uses, and the eggs as “snail caviar” are value-added products that are beginning to gain widespread acceptance. Even the shells can recycled as soil amendments and feces for a rich fertilizer. Every bit of the animal can be utilized in a variety of capacities.

Heliculturists, whether new or experienced, are encouraged to use and contribute to this site and association. Heliciculture U.S. (also known as the Snail Raising Association of North America) is a resource no matter what your current background knowledge. We intend to educate heliciculturists and others of the benefits of consuming snails, to promote responsible and sustainable farming practices, and to advocate to organizations and agencies which currently control and/or regulate the industry.