starting a snail farm

Congratulations on your first step in heliciculture or snail raising. Heliciculture has been practiced for centuries in Europe, but it is a fledgling industry in the United States. As such, there is much work to do in terms of creating a viable market, developing sustainable practices, and educating potential farmers in snail husbandry.

snail on plant

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is educating others in the culinary and nutritional value of snails as a food source. Along with caring for and selling snails, that will be one of your chief duties.

The site exists mostly to raise the profile of heliciculture on this continent. Providing a forum for potential and existing farmers is one of the methods that will help us create this success. Another factor is ensuring responsible farming, processing and distribution practices that guarantee fresh, healthy and safe food for our clients and customers. This sense of quality and integrity will also go a long way to help break down state and federal policies that currently restrict the growth of this industry. One of our other goals is to end the prohibition that exists on interstate transport of live snails and eggs to promote business and provide farmers healthy stocks of snails in an interconnected network of farms across the U.S.


Feel free to peruse the site knowing that it is a developing endeavor. For those interested in taking your efforts to the next steps, we offer an initial one-hour, fee-based consultancy  call. For complete information, please fill out the request form on our Contact page.